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The art of procrastination

Over the past two weeks I have been trying to summon my inner paper writing strength. I am taking a class about Post Colonial Theater, which I love. However writing a 12 page page paper doesn’t exactly rank on ways to spend my free time. Today I woke up on a mission- to do everything possible to avoid working on the paper.


1. Water and trim all outdoor potted plants- this was a matter of life or death for sure!

2. Wash two loads of laundry- the most I have done in the past month

3. Organize my entire filing cabinet- something I do on a regular basis but I decided to check my past work

4. Rearrange my desk for better fung shway (hopefully to get me in the paper writing mood) then move it all back to how it was initially

5. Watch House Hunters on HGTV and daydream about the townhouse I want to buy

6. Drink two sugar free redbulls (I am convinced they don’t work for me anymore)

7. Think of new names for my Marketing and Social Media company and try to figure out Outlook

8. Write this blog! What is wrong with me! I need to write this paper! This time tomorrow it will have been turned in and I will go back to watching Criminal Minds marathons and eating takeout slumped into my sofa.

Whenever I have a huge project deadline looming I manage to accomplish so many tasks- yet never the one thing that needs to get done. Please help!

Thank you Hyperbole and a Half!

Opening of the SMOCA Lounge

Described by the artist herself as an experience she had while learning to surf in Mexico. As she was pulled under the water each time she felt overwhelmed. When you first walk into the room the recycled pallets are hung very low and the intense color is overwhelming. The venue is quite small and was originally exhibit space carved out to create this lounge area for the community. Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Arts added this as a way to create revenue and interest. The lounge will be open on Friday and Saturday nights with cocktails and music. The space will entertain a new designer each year to keep the space relevant and exciting. It really is a must see in Scottsdale.

Slightly Obsessed

Autumn DIY ideas?

The holiday season has finally arrived! Normally I am struggling to control my decorating urges September first. But this year I have been so busy that I haven’t has the chance to sit down and think about anything other then school, hunting for internships ooohhh and that other really big thing- post graduation life!

One of my favorite parts of decorating involves collecting. I have a pumpkin collection that I started as a little girl, and each year I add to it. Each of the pumpkins are a different size, color, and shape. I think the best part of collecting is to end up with a variety. I absolutely love Day of the Dead-style decorations and I looked for some this year but couldn’t decided on anything.

I am obsessed with DIY and I have been trying to search for Halloween and autumn decorations. Since I live in Arizona and cant enjoy the fall earth tones like I used to at home, its nice to have handmade items. However after my search most autumn DIY’s were either all about card making- and I am not having a party or something for children- and I don’t have children.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Halloween, the best time of year!

Surround Yourself with Something Beautiful

I wont lie to you, I was not a fan of the Phoenix art museum in the past. However, I recently attended October’s First Friday and decided to check it out. During the hours of 6-10 pm on First Friday’s the public is able to view all of the exhibits for free. Since I am a huge believer in sharing literature, art, and culture for free I had to go! I was blown away by the new exhibits including my personal favorite, modern art. The collections in the museum were displayed tastefully and each room brought on a more interesting presentation. I highly recommend visiting the museum after work next month. It’s a great date night and there are always new hip restaurants downtown to try after.

Notre Dame

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